Embrace Possibility

The AM Hustle programme has been created to help young people grow their confidence and resilience, and develop a stronger growth mindset. Participants who have joined so far have been shown to develop:

  • Higher self-esteem
  • Greater resilience
  • Strengthened love of learning
  • Lessened fear of failure
  • Willingness to take on challenges
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what is AM Hustle?

AM Hustle is a daily 7:00am online mindfulness session created to help to boost motivation & raise self-esteem, helping you to develop a growth mindset. 

These live interactive sessions are all about getting raw and real about what it really takes to get to where you want to be and elevate in all areas of your life.

Each session encompasses:

  • Breathing exercises and meditation
  • Journaling gratitudes and affirmations
  • Approaches to visualisation with vision boards
  • Purposeful goal-setting techniques
  • Motivational talks to overcome limiting beliefs

What is a growth mindset?

Having a growth mindset means being able to view your struggles as chances to learn and grow. People with this mindset see ‘failures’ as opportunities to try again. 

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset. People with fixed mindsets feel their abilities and levels of intelligence are set in stone. When someone has a fixed mindset, they’re prone to refusing to try new things, avoiding challenges, and becoming jealous of others’ successes. 

Having a growth mindset vs. a fixed mindset is learned, not innate. If you’re worried your child is struggling with a fixed mindset, there are ways to shift their thinking, including the practice of mindfulness, the use of a journal and goal-setting.

Does mindfulness Work?

Mindfulness is a way of perceiving, thinking, and behaving.  It works by taking your focus to the present moment and away from other thoughts. 

The aim of AM Hustle is to provide a safe space for participants to communicate about hardships that could affect their studies, with a primary focus on physical/ emotional wellbeing, mental health and quality of life. The AM Hustle practice also enhances ones social awareness and relationships skills. Although it can be developed using various tools, committing to the five steps that Nahim teaches will make participants develop healthy habits for long-term success. 

Those that join will benefit from an increase in emotional awareness, a stronger self-concept, and a growing capacity for self-compassion.

What AM Hustle participants say:

“Nahim has practically become a library for our household! He is so knowledgeable on ways to ride through the storms and both of my boys really look forward to his wisdom” Mrs Linfield, parent

“The motivational morning sessions have helped me to take risks and make sacrifices in the evenings as I prepare for my apprenticeship application” Pravin, college student

“The meditation really helps me connect with myself and set goals for my future. I have attended over 100 sessions now” Oscar, student

“Nahim’s approach increases feelings of belonging from the comfort of our home. It has benefited my daughter Inaya greatly” Mrs Hussain, parent

“Reading Nahim’s recommended books and listening to podcasts has made me focus on my long-term goals” Umar, student

“Our son spends more time with us in the evenings and we are very grateful for Nahim for this” Mr Anderson, parent

About the founder

Hi, I’m Nahim, and I am truly grateful to be a mental health advocate and the proud founder of the AM Hustle programme.

Educating the nation and today’s youth on health & well-being is my true passion. I believe to create an everlasting impact, we must revolutionise emotional support and put the well-being of today’s youth at the forefront of our roles.

Having taught extensively within a range of school settings, I am on a mission to particularly help remove the stigma of mental health amongst the young male population, by educating communities about the positive impact of dialogue in open, safe spaces. 

I am confident the principles of AM Hustle will allow participants to face their fears and overcome challenges.