PODCAST: Embrace with Nahim

We all have goals and dreams, but most people don’t fulfil them. So what’s stopping them? No real success is borne out of the misery of others. Life has a habit of throwing challenges and obstacles in our path. Sometimes our own fears and limiting beliefs defeat us. Other times, we’re not clear on what we want or how to get there. And, sometimes, we simply need a push, someone to share our thoughts with, or someone to say it’s ok to think big and aim for the stars.

Mindfulness is not just about taking time out for reflection, it’s also about taking care of your overall mental and physical and wellbeing – yes, physical too! Studies show that mindfulness can play an essential part in our overall health with fewer sick days, better concentration and enhanced performance at work and school. So, take time out, reflect and set you day up properly to get the most out of your life!  

My upcoming podcast will encourage you to develop everyday practices that help you stay prolific and healthy in life and work. Until it’s launched, these are some of my favourite books I recommend you try and read, all offering actionable advice to help improve your mindset and live life in abundance:

Atomic Habits – James Clear

The 5am Club – Robin Sharma

Think Like a Monk – Jay Shetty

Happy Sexy Millionaire – Steven Bartlett

Good Vibes. Good Life – Vex King